Cobfoolery from the Web: DGE Handmade Pipes

One of the fellows who has been modifying Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes for some time and whose creations have been catching my eye on the Pipe Smoker's Forum over the years is Doug, (aka: DGErwin11 on the Pipe Smoker's Forum). 

From pens that are hand-turned from corn cobs or wood, to badger-hair brushes, Doug's work is all about hand craftsmanship; but it's his "cobfoolery" that really catches my eye.  For example, the pipe below that Doug calls a "cobwarden" is based on a classic churchwarden design.  He started with one of my favorite pipes, the Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman cob, and from there he replaced the original birch shank with one he turned from olive wood, and fitted the pipe with a long, unfiltered churchwarden mouthpiece made from vulcanite (vulcanized rubber).  As a matter of fact, like most high-end pipes, Doug's pipes do not (and according to him, will not) accommodate filters. See more of his work at

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