Reddog Pipes is all about Cobfoolery

I "met" Basil on the Pipe Smoker's Forum, but many months later had the pleasure of enjoying a few bowls of tobacco across the table from him at the T.A.P.s pipe show in Raleigh NC. 

Basil's expertise is pimping-out the lowly Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe with a new finish and a shiny new spent bullet cartridge ferrule.  
My son "Boy" and I had a ball talking with Basil, and the time flew by as we smoked and laughed.  As we parted company we made sure to get one of his business cards and I made note of his Etsy page Reddog Pipes where he sells his modified cobs asthe "Bullitt Proof Cob", as well as some cleverly refinished estate briar pipes.  We won't hold that against him, though.  

(Click pics to Biggie-Size)

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