Another fine example of Cobfoolery

Here's another fine example of Cobfoolery, or as this fellow likes to call it, "Rewster-fied".  Rewster66 is one of the active posters on the Pipe Smokers Forum, and this pipe, like so many others he has modified, is a thing of beauty.  This one began life as a Missouri Meerschaum General pipe, but to it Rewster added the cap from a 50 caliber rifle cartridge and an antiqued finish and a sassafras shank.  Notice the ferrule?  It's a copper cap from the plumbing department.  The 50 cal. cartridge used was actually fired in Iraq by his nephew, who completed three tours there.  Nice work, Rewster, and please thank your nephew for his service to our country. 

(Click the pic to Biggie-Size it)

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