Announcing the First Annual Aristocob "Cobfoolery" Contest

Every pipe smoker knows that Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes have been cool and sweet smoking since 1869, but some smokers want something more.  For some the classic, utilitarian cob is just the starting point.  They add new mouthpieces, new shanks and finish and refinish the cob itself to make something special and unique.

That's the spirit of the new, annual Aristocob "Cobfoolery" Contest, which will run from August 1st 2013 until September 10th, with the winners announced LIVE on September 13th at the Southern Fried Pipe Club's First Annual Music City Pipe Show & Sale in Memphis TN!

There are just a few simple rules:

  • Entries must feature original Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cobs.  The cob can be from new, used or estate Missouri Meerschaum pipes.  (New cobs and even special Cobfoolery kits are available at
  • Entries are to be submitted to in the form of photographs taken from all conceivable angles, and are due on or before 11:59PM September 10th 2013. 
  • There will be at least one award/prize given in the Professional (Pro) and the Amateur  (Am) category of Judges Choice, as well as categories to be named later.  Who is a Pro?  Any pipemaker who sells or has sold pipes that they have made or modified.
  • Entries must be original to the entrant, meaning don't enter a pipe that was modified by someone other than you.
  •  You need not be present at the Southern Fried Pipe Club's Music City Pipe Show & Sale in order to win the Grand Prize, but why would you deprive yourself?
  • International entries are welcome.
These rules are subject to change, so check back before submitting your entry.

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