Announcing the 2014 Cobfoolery Finalists: Amateur Freehand/Fantasy

The following, presented almost in alphabetical order, are the finalists in the "Amateur Freehand/Fantasy" category of the 2014 Cobfoolery Contest.  More details to come. (Click pics to Biggie-Size)

David Galehouse

David said about his pipe:
This pipe has been whittled together using parts from three Missouri Meerschaum pipes that I got from a Goodwill auction, of all places!
It also has black bamboo for the connector and the matching tamper.  The tamper is also made using a small MM amber bit and a stainless steel rod for an internal pipe tool. I made the stand for this pipe from a block of cherry.

Dodif Rendon

 Dodif said about his pipe:

Hello! This is my entry for the 2014 Cobfoolery Freehand/Fantasy category. It's called "The Deer Hunter".
It started out as a Missouri Meerchaum 5th Ave. I tried to go for that look as if I "snapped" the corn cob in half and left it as is. I also burned the rest of the cob all over using my grinder. I used deer antler to plug the bottom and for the shank. The stem is a forever stem that I bent myself. I was worried about the deer antler meeting with fire, so I used cherrywood from a Missouri Meerchaum Ozark Hardwood pipe to put on top of the deer antler plug part. Also on the deer antler shank part I drilled out enough to be able to insert a small piece of the original shank inside. The pics will show what I'm talking about if none of this makes sense. Lol Thanks for looking at my pipe. Let me know if you need more pics of anything. -DODiF

Jacob Hill 

Jacob said about his pipe:

The Cob Cube was built using The General Cobfoolery Kit. The cob was placed into a 4x4 block of fir wood and is smoked through a hookah hose. This idea was inspired by a desk pipe that was popular in the 50’s and 60’s and was designed so that one could smoke at their desk or even in bed without having to worry about making a mess with ashes. Additions were made for convenience which include a slot for my favorite Zippo lighter along with a hole for a tamper.


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