Announcing the 2014 Cobfoolery Finalists: Professional Classic Category

The following, presented almost in alphabetical order, are the finalists in the "Professional Classic" category of the 2014 Cobfoolery Contest.  More details to come. (Click pics to Biggie-Size)

Angela Meek

Angela said about her pipe:
What can I say? I was inspired to make the most of a gift of gem stones from my brother. I have had these for a few years and kept wondering what I was going to make with them. When time came for creating something for the Cobfoolery contest, I knew these would be my choice of material. 
I have always loved mosaic art work. I emptied the stones onto the table and began playing around with them to see what kind of pattern I could make. I love the haphazardness of mosaics and the ruggedness of their appearance. I decided this was perfect for me since precision is not a requirement! The gem stones that I used are rubies, garnets, amethysts, sapphires, tanzanite and several others I can't pronounce much less spell. LOL! I hope you enjoy my artwork! 


Jeff Beebe

Jeff said about his pipe:
My take on what a standard issue military pipe would have looked like during WWII.

Riccardo Santia

Riccardo said about his pipe:
This is a smooth pride cob, with a briar shank and vulcanite stem.
I also used a briar heel/bottom and stained it black.


Doug Erwin

Doug said about his pipe:
This churchwarden (or cobwarden as I like to call it) is based on the Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane Spool bowl. The factory shank has been replaced by one turned from lacewood. The stem is Italian Vulcanite. 5/32'' airway.

I do not like filtered pipes. I do like to tinker.  To satisfy both of these traits, I decided to modify some cobs to give a cob smoke and a briar like draw. The airway is 5/32", therefore no filter is need to restrict the draw.

Chris Morgan

This is the “Porchdweller”. It is the perfect friend for a fall evening outdoors. You take a few puffs and look out over your property with pride. The air smells of freshly cut grass and you hear cow bells jingling in the distance. The dog is chasing after squirrels trying desperately to collect acorns from the yard. The sun is going down and you’re sipping sweet tea on the porch. Life is good :)

It is 9.5” long by 2” tall. The shank and bowl are crafted from Missouri Meerschaum corncob. The shank has a briar liner and end caps . The pipe will accept all standard cob stems. The finish is what I would call “country aristocrat”, similar to the “country gentleman” finish but with more tan and brown. The pipe is finished with an exceptionally smooth 100% carnauba wax finish. Enjoy!


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  2. i vote this one, realistic. i will buy this kind of model

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  4. Everyone did a great job, but for me, Chris F&%kin' Morgan!!

  5. Angela's is beautiful. Love the mosaic look. Very elegant.