It was bound to happen... I forgot someone

As you may have read we had a major breakdown of our Google account on the last night of the Cobfoolery contest, and as a result it was very difficult to amass all the entries for the voting phase of the contest.  I was informed this morning (a week after the deadline) that I left someone out of the contest!  So here is that entry, which BTW when I received it I thought was a fine cob mod.

From the builder: "The "Cutty Gentleman" was plastered, dyed and distressed brown with a blackened rim. The shank is tension fit with no adhesive, and the stem is from Walker Briar Works. Thanks for the fun! 5H4N3"

5H4N3 (If that is his real name) is an active poster on the PipeSmokersForum, and it is with a sincere apology that we share his creation.

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