Here's the first batch of the 2013 Amatuer Cobfoolery Entries!

The following entries are amateur pipe makers, and in many cases first-time pipe makers!  These folks are competing in the "Amateur" category, which is being juried by a team of professional pipe makers and judges from the pipe industry, so these pipes are shown here for your pleasure.

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Shown in no particular order:

Entry 1 (below): Mike M.  (aka: DukeAvan on Youtube)
Note: Mike has two entries.
For the "Cob Comet" Mike modified two cobs into one, and added some modified clothespins for good measure.  Mike said that though he's been woodworking for 20 years and has experimented with making his own pipes for the past few months, he's never done anything like this before.  
Mike made a video in support of his entry:

Entry 2 (below): Mike M.
For his second entry, "The Seadog", Mike began with a Missouri Meerschaum "General" pipe and custom turned a new shank and drilled the cob to accept it at quite a unique angle.

Entry 3 (below): Angela M. (aka: angelasbrandnewbag on YouTube)
Angela's pipe, "A rose by any other name", began as a previously smoked Missouri Meerschaum "Missouri Pride" pipe.

Entry 4 (below): Jason G. (aka: Armypipesmoker on Youtube)
Jason submitted the first of several Steampunk inspired pipe designs.  This pipe began life as a Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman pipe.

Entry 5 (below): Drew W. (aka: The Burning Bowl on YouTube)
Drew says "She smokes like a dream, all the beauty of a Missouri Meerschaum with the smoothness of a church warden".  At the heard of Drew's pipe is a Missouri Meerschaum Legend pipe.
Drew did a video in support of his entry:

Entry 6 (below): Greg H.  (PipeSmokersForum member: Summit)
Greg says his pipe started as a Missouri Meerschaum "General", which he then "chopped about a 1/4 inch off the top and slanted it to give it a cherry wood look.  It sits well and the stock stem has a nice little curve too it. It is quite clenchable now."

Entry 7 (below): Dave G.
Here's that Dave said about his pipe: "I had a Tyrolean shape in mind, so I call this "The Ty Cob Pipe".  I started with a Missouri Meerschaum General, added a MM mini cob pipe, some copper plumbing, and yes - i even used an actual piece of dried corn for the piece that connects the bit to the downtube! And in case anyone freaks about the copper tubing, I did line it with wood so I'm not at risk of any toxic copper fumes."

Entry 8 (below): Joe S.
Joe submitted FOUR pipes, and while that kind of volume like the work of a professional pipe maker, these four pipes are the first pipes he's ever made.
First up, "The Stalker" was made from a Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur (Polished) and American Pipe (Mark Tinsky) Plateau Briar.  Shank: Sugar Maple with Amber Acrylic.  Stem: Acrylic. Tamper:  A modified MM “General” stem topped with a piece of plateau briar. Pipe Rest: Stalks of corn made from California Redwood (base), Hickory (stalks) and Sugar Maple (leaves).

Entry 9 (below): Joe S.
"Peace of Corn" was made from a Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur (Neked) and features American Pipe (Mark Tinsky) Plateau Briar.  There are two separate cob inserts; one being larger than the other for those days when you’re feeling extra corny.  Shank: Sugar Maple, Turquoise Acrylic and Deer Antler. Stem (bit): Acrylic Horn. Pipe Rest: Canoe made of Maple, Leather, Turquoise, Wooden Beads and Turkey Feather. Tamper:  Briar shaped as an oar with modified metal stud."

Entry 10 (below): Joe S.
"The "Cob Commandeer" started as a Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur (Neked). Shank: Missouri Meerschaum Stem, Black Acrylic. Stem: Missouri Meerschaum (flashing removed and polished). Tamper:  A section of MM stem fitted with brass hardware on each end.  Bottom:  1944 wheat penny.  It was on December 18, 1944 when MacArthur was promoted to the rank of 5-Star General.
Rest: General’s Hat made of California Redwood adorned with metal stars.  Magnetic pipe hold.
This piece of briar had more sand than briar … But what could be more appropriate for a pipe named after a guy who made beach landings famous?  Yes, a copper penny is NOT magnetic, but when a magnet is cleverly mounted beneath it is.  Works well. "

Entry 11 (below): Joe S. 

This is a design that I always hoped Missouri Meerschaum would introduce.  This is based on the iconic corn cob pipe smoked by Popeye the Sailor.  This is a modified smooth MM MacArthur pipe that I had left over from the other pipe modification work.  I shortened the stem and inserted a briar plug.  It is finished with … Well, Olive Oil, of course.  Pipe: Cut MM MacArthur (Polished) Shank: Cut MM MacArthur. Stem:  MM (Ain’t polished or nuthin’) Pipe Rest: Sugar Maple “Spinach Can”

Entry 12 (below): Rachel C. (aka: Turtleray8 on YouTube)
Rachel's pipe was made from two Missouri Meerschaum pipes; One cob and one hardwood pipe.
Rachel also made a video in support of her entry. 

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