A few more Amateur Cobfoolery entries

We have a few more entries that for whatever reason Blogger wasn't allowing be to add to that previous post.  Make sure to click the "Read More" link on the bottom of the post to see ALL of the entries.

Entry 13 (below): Scotty B. (aka: Scotty B on YouTube)
Scotty posted a video of his "44 Mag Devil Anse" pipe at:  http://youtu.be/cXfoYZxJA-A

Entry 14 (below): Randy K. (aka: KnottHomeR on YouTube)
Randy posted a video of his pipe at:  http://youtu.be/aEp0hFxLcmo

Entry 15 (below): Randall (aka: Shad Rac on YouTube)
Shad Rac's "MacArthur Thorn Pipe".  Randall posted a video in support of his entry: http://youtu.be/1ACLfDZWtok

Entry 16 (below): Mike C. 
The bowl part is briar - 2 1/4" tall; 1 3/4" wide; 7/8" bowl.
The total length is 6 5/16"
Nebraska 'Cornhusker' logo is hand carved on the front. The rest is rusticated.
The shank is a 'country gentleman' bowl, that I turned down to make into a reverse calabash chamber.
The stem is hand cut acrylic, ironically called 'Husker'. It has 3 thin acrylic bands on it, black, white and the swirled 'husker' acrylic sandwiched in between.

Entry 17 (below): Jeff (aka: SLVshadow on YouTube)
Jeff posted a video in support of his entry: http://youtu.be/5vGElFQ-Dao 


Entry 18 (below): Jason (aka: SlightOfPipes on Youtube)
Jason posted a video in support of his entry: http://youtu.be/sGPfHtuBhuc

Entry 19 (below):  Shane H.
Shane made several cobs using a variety of stems, and Shane also posted an entire step by step photo album on Facebook.

 Honorable Mention (below): Seth M.  (aka: my son "Boy" and Seth Markwood, The Shrinking Pastor on Youtube)  Seth posted a video in support of his entry: http://youtu.be/_WDFBYAXZz4
FYI, Seth is not eligible to win the top prize, but wanted to support the contest and make his dream of this ePipe a reality.  

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