The Aristocob 2018 Cobfoolery Contest Has Begun, April 1st, 2018 (No Joke!)

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Woohoo, it's Cobfoolery time!

This is the sixth year of the Aristocob Cobfoolery Contest and in 2018 the contest will run the entire month of April. We have two classes: Pro and Amateur and two Categories: Classic and Freehand and for the first time we have a special BONUS class of pips made from our "Homegrown Cobfoolery Seed Corn". See the details of the Homegrown category below.

You are free to enter one pipe in each category within your class, and if you happen to have a Homegrown Cobfoolery entry it can be entered as a third entry.  Said another way:
  • You may enter one pipe in the Pro or Amature "Classic" category AND/OR
  • You may enter one pipe in the Pro or Amature "Freehand" category AMD/OR
  • You may enter one pipe in the "Homegrown Cobfoolery" category if you grew your own cobs from the "Homegrown Cobfoolery" seed corn in 2017.

Your entry needs to feature a genuine Missouri Meerschaum corn cob chamber, while the balance of your pipe can be made of any other material including wood, metal, clay, plastic, glass, zucchini, fabric, snow crab or any other material you can concoct.

We will NOT be requiring the finalists to ship their pipes to us.  We heard from several folks from outside the USA in 2014 and this requirement eliminated several of them due to delays they anticipated in shipping and in the various Customs departments. So to enter this year you'll need to post a video on Youtube showing off AND SMOKING your entry and describing what you've done to modify while hopefully improve your corn cob pipe.  Your video MUST be titled "My entry in Aristocob's 2018 Cobfoolery Contest: (followed by your pipe's name).

For example, I made a pipe a couple years back that I titled the "Pierced Ear", so if I were entering it in this year's contest I would title my video: "My entry in Aristocob's 2018 Cobfoolery Contest: "The Pierced Ear".  Make sense?  Good!

Your entry must be posted on Youtube by midnight, Monday, April 30th, and on Tuesday, May 1st we will announce the 6 finalists in each of the two classes and in the two categories and more details about the judging.

What can you win?

With the exception of the "Homegrown" category, if your pipe is selected as one of the Grand Prize Winners you will receive $50 in Aristocob merchandise as well as a special limited addition Missouri Meerschaum Freehand pipe on a special laser engraved plaque, which have been graciously provided by the Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe Company.

The winner in the "Homegrown Cobfoolery" category will win a unique award and will also receive $50 in Aristocob merchandise.

Also, as an incentive to get your videos submitted we will do weekly drawings for the folks who have their entries submitted every Sunday in the month.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing Scot and we look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

Cobfoolery Kits are also available here:

Scott & Jandy Markwood

Official playlist from Aristocob's 2018 Cobfoolery Pro-Am Cob Mod Contest

Aristocob’s 2018 Cobfoolery Contest; Amateur Classic  

Aristocob’s 2018 Cobfoolery Contest; Amateur Freehand  

Aristocob’s 2018 Cobfoolery Contest; Pro Freehand  

Aristocob’s 2018 Cobfoolery Contest; Pro Classic