Tips for growing your own corn cob pipes for Aristocob's 2017-18 Homegrown Cobfoolery contest!

In this new video Scott (from learns from Missouri Meerschaum's General Manager Mr. Phil Morgan all about the process of planning for, planting, harvesting and drying corn for making corn cob pipes.  Get your own genuine Missouri Meerschaum seed corn, corn cob pipe kits and even completed pipes that are ready for action at

Grown your own Corn Cob Pipe with Genuine Missouri Meerschaum Seed Corn and enter the 2017-18 Homegrown Cobfoolery Contest!

Hey, Scott from here. Jandy and I are proud to be able to offer for the first time ever, genuine Missouri Meerschaum seed corn! That’s right, we were able to acquire from Missouri Meerschaum a small supply of their seed corn for a special “Homegrown Pipe” category of the 2017-18 Aristocob Cobfoolery contest. To make your corn cob pipemaking easy we are bundling with the seeds 2 genuine Missouri Meerschaum hardwood stems and bits, together with two Aristocob "Patented" golf-tee tampers into what we are calling our "Homegrown Cobfoolery Seed Corn Kit".  

Learn more about this unique opportunity by visiting and searching "Cobfoolery".  Learn more on the Aristocob Facebook page at and by watching the announcement video (below). Other videos will follow shortly on the Aristocob Youtube channel at