It's time to cast your vote for the Cobfoolery Pro Class winners!

After a brief delay it's time to cast your vote for the Cobfoolery Pro Class winners. We are thrilled to have so many amazing pipes entered this year by some truly talented pipe makers! While we have a team of pipe professionals judging the amateur entries but YOU are a judge of the Pro class.

Click this link and be sure to vote for your choice of winner in both the Classic shape and the Freehand shape categories.

Here's a playlist of all of the 2016 Cobfoolery Pro Classic finalists

Here's a playlist of all of the 2016 Cobfoolery Pro Freehand finalists

Voting will end at midnight EST Friday May 13th, 2016 and winners will be announced on Saturday May 14th.

Here's a screenshot and a link to the submission video for each of the entries, in no particular order.  Click the link beneath each photo to view the video entry.

David Galehouse's Freehand Cobfoolery entry "General Shotgun Poker"
Daniel Billings' Freehand Cobfoolery entry "Blue Steel"
Chris Morgan's Freehand Cobfoolery entry "The Giant Cob Cigar"
Dodif's Freehand Cobfoolery entry "The Corn Horn"
David Galehouse's Classic Cobfoolery entry "Kolonel Diamond Shank"
Dodif's Classic Cobfoolery entry "The Dinosaur Egg"
Chris Morgan's Classic Cobfoolery entry "The MacArthur Calabash"
Daniel Billing's Classic Cobfoolery entry "Frodo's Feast"
Basil Meadow's Classic Cobfoolery entry "Reddog Pipes Cobabash"

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